The A.G.M. & Opening Ceremony

The Mancathlon 2008 A.G.M. & Opening Ceremony was held on a Saturday afternoon beneath the stately pacific arches of The Mancathlon Fale and was attended by the following Old-School sonsabitches:

Leighton Agnew, Rodney MacFarlane, Brydon Price, AJ Sutton, Stuart Brooke, Duncan Reynolds, Conrad Blight & Simon Judkins.

For just a couple of hours on a wintry Auckland afternoon the dark clouds loosened their onanistic grip on the skies and allowed a few shafts of watery sunlight to illuminate the sacred grounds of The Mancathlon Meeting House. A group of Veteran Mancathletes had gathered therein to debate in spirited but fraternal terms the future of this Mighty Contest. Would the 2008 Season see the debut of such choice manly events as Ninja Stars vs Nunchukas, Midget Tossing, Getting Chased by a Police Dog, Launching Flaming Arrows into Tanks of Diesel or The John Matrix Memorial Log Carrying Classic? Or would 2008 finally see the introduction of the much maligned Graham-mooted Poetry Event, or the soft and sensitive Life Drawing, indeed, perhaps Scone Baking and Embroidery would fit more closely the agenda of these aging Warriors? But no they said, No and no again! Once more The Mancathlon would be designed to test “The Full Spectrum of Manliness”, encompassing all the Speed, Strength, Intelligence, Creativity and Guts under Pressure that define a True Big Chief. And so over several delicious, muddy cups of Kava they hammered out a New Season that would be a test of a man, that would force Mancathletes old and new to look deep within themselves and behold either the soft, cuddly lambswool of failure or the Pure, Cold Steel of VICTORY!

And so, without further circumlocutory ado, let me introduce you the public to the awesome, pulsating majesty of the 2008 Mancathlon Season…

Event 1 – Ghetto Dice

Event 2 – Shootin’

Event 3 – Orientearassing

Event 4 – Masterbrain Phase II

Event 5 – Assault Course

Event 6 – Creation of Fire

Event 7 – Bicycle Joust

Event 8 – The Race

Event 9 – Pulling A Truck

Event 10 – Karaoke Grand Finale

Bonus Round –  Beer Brewing                       


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